Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution including conciliation and mediation.

Most parties come away from the legal system dissatisfied with the result and the time it has taken. Both parties tend to think the decision was not in their favour or fair and that the cost incurred by all parties make the legal profession the only winners. We can help solve your dispute without the need of going to the courts.

ARD or Alternative Dispute Resolution, is a fancy way of saying lets sort out this problem/difference/dispute without going to the expense and stress of going through the court system.

Because we specialise and only deal with Building/Construction Claims we have vast experience and a variety of tools in our tool box, so that we can find the best way to resolve your particular dispute/claim.

Some of the tools we use are

  • Advising and writing letter on your behalf. This has the effect of letting the other party know that you are serious and have the backing of independent experts. We can help put your position in such a way that the other party better understands your position and entitlement. This can often resolve disputes without further action and is usually a good starting point and helps keep the lines of communication open. Always a good thing.
  • Attending negotiation meetings with you. Again we can often put your argument across better than you and back it up with our experience or case law etc.
  • Attending negotiation meetings without you or simply being the go between.  Some times the relationship is so broken that one or both parties do not wish to meet, always a shame. We can go to those meeting or make phone calls and explain your position and negotiate on your behalf, pointing out to the other party why their position is incorrect.
  • Informal Mediation. We sit in meetings with both parties and try to mediate and come to a solution that is acceptable to both parties.
  • Formal mediation. We help you prepare, submit and attend Mediation including the protocol.
  • Adjudication. Find out more here.
  • Arbitration.  Find out more about Arbitration here.

Quite often our clients are not experienced in Quantity Surveying/Construction Contracts etc, they are very good business men and women that have built up a good businesses. When they get into a dispute, they know that they are right but have no idea how to go about getting a resolution and that is where we and ARD come into out own.

Look forward to hearing from you.