Claims Assessment

Preparation, evaluation and assessment of claims.

Clients (commercial and domestic), Developers, Contractors, Subcontractors and construction professionals. If you have a claim you need to make or defend, then the best way forward is professional advise from the experts.

And that is where we come in. With over 70 years experience between us, Michael as a Construction Barrister and Paul as a Senior Quantity Surveyor, we can assess your claim quickly and accurately, and often free of charge.

Before we advise on a claim/counter claim/defence etc we like to spend some time listening to your points and reading the relevant documents. Then we can advise on your position and the best way forward, and this we often do before appointment.

Everybody wants to know what our services will cost and the likely outcome and that is why we spend some time going through your position in as much detail as is necessary so that we fully understand. Sometimes people don’t like our advise because we tell them as it is, if they are in the wrong or if they have a poor case, we will tell them. We don’t mind helping people to minimise losses as long as they know that is what we are doing and that we are not just string them along for our fees.

Please don’t fall into the trap that peoples first port of call is the local solicitor. Unfortunately the majority of general solicitors will take on your case, charge you are very high hourly rate and really do not know what they are doing ( a generalisation  but I have seen enough to know this is true we have seen plenty!). Please have a chat with us first or if you have started down this road we can tell you if the advise you are getting is the right way for you.