Expert Witness

Expert Witness in Quantum

Are you looking for an expert witness in quantum? We may be able to help.

Paul has acted as expert witness in several court cases, mediation and adjudication, advising on the correct way to value.

Paul is still very much an active QS and Estimator and so he is able to advise on current practice, method of measurements and pricing, as he does it daily, not just in theory.

Paul has worked at all levels, from Estimator, Site QS through to Chief QS and Divisional Manager, both in UK and international for over 35 years.

Because of Paul’s considerable experience in the industry and common sense approach, he is able to advise the courts, solicitors, etc on the correct way to measure and value. In most of the cases that Paul has been involved in he has managed to get his opinion of valuation and measurement agreed with the opposite side prior to full hearings and thus reduced the costs to all parties. Indeed settlements have been negotiated based on his expert opinion.

If you need a formal Expert Witness on quantum or want a second opinion on a claim you have received or are preparing, then give us a call to discuss your requirements.