Services Offered

Summary of Services Offered

  • Preparation and agreement of interim valuations and final accounts.

Contractors and subcontractors in particular, If you have an old account that you need completing or agreeing and settling but just cannot find the time to complete or if your client is making it hard for you because you are trying to run a business and do not have the QS expertise that they are asking for. Then this service is for you. Paul and his associates will be happy to help. We can help with any size of account and the quicker you take action, the easier an account is to agree and the quicker you get paid!

  • Preparation, evaluation and assessment of claims.

    Clients (commercial and domestic) Contractors and subcontractors. If you have a claim you need to make or defend, then the best way forward is professional advise from the experts. Most peoples first port of call is the local solicitor and understandably so. Unfortunately the majority of general solicitors will take on your case, charge you are very high hourly rate and really do not know what they are doing ( a generalisation  but I have seen enough to know this is true). Please have a chat with us first or if you have started down this road we can tell you if the advise you are getting is the right way for you.

  • Negotiation and settlement of claims.

    We offer expert advice and we can give you an independent opinion on a construction claim and as a fresh and independent set of eyes negotiate a fair settlement.
  • Alternative dispute resolution including conciliation and mediation.

    Most parties come away from the legal system dissatisfied with the result and the time it has taken. Both parties tend to think the decision was not in there favor and that the cost incurred by all parties make the legal profession the only winners. We can help solve your dispute without the need of going to the courts.

  • Submission and presentation of disputes to Adjudication.

    We have many years experience of preparing claims for adjudication and taking them through the process. As we are a small independent partnership we do have the experience but do not have the overheads and therefore our charges are very competitive ( and much less than the £320 per hour (barrister) £220 per hour (expert QS) some of  larger competitors charge.

  • Care and conduct and full representation in Arbitration proceedings.

    Michael in particular as a barrister has many years experience of successfully navigating Arbitration Proceedings
  • Advocacy in Adjudication and Arbitration.

  • Drafting of standard and non-standard contracts, sub contracts and trading terms.

    If you require special contracts to be drafted then don’t be tempted to do it yourself. If you get them wrong, it can be a very expensive mistake. Come to the experts. Likewise if you are asked the accept none standard contracts, it is well worth having the checked over before you sign them, no matter how friendly you are at the start! Contracts are usually only referred to when parties some expectations have not been met and parties have fallen out. At that point it is crucial that the contracts are correct and bidding. Always get expert advice before entering into a none standard contract, one day you will thank us and think it was money well spent.
    Best advice can be to stick with a standard contract, parties like JCT do not spend hours and hours preparing contracts with representation from all parties for the fun of it.

We pride ourselves on offering a first class service with rates that are very competitive. We are happy to discuss our terms including fixed fees and contingency.

Ring or email now to discuss your problems and what cost effective solution’s we can provide.